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I gave your game a try. Your game is the first in the video, If you’re interested in detailed feedback, please let me know.

Great game, hearing the tweet of the hummingbird alerting you of cage-face proximity really set me on edge, especially after I saw that Cage Face does not need doors. All puzzles were simple enough to work out quickly, placing all the challenge on timing and keeping track of how close the Cage Face was, so many times I was caught in the final stretch of the game trying to escape from the mines.. Good job on the game, looking forward to playing Case 2.

Okay! That was awesome. I was really scared after the first monster encounter. It's so silent and dark that I wasn't sure if this thing was randomly walking in the mine, or disappeared after the encounter :P The only weird thing - the menu with TV is really GPU-intensive. No idea why

Great game! Good atmosphere, mechanics and overall made me shit myself! Looking forward to playing Case 2!

This is pretty cool, man. Definitely a nice upgrade from the original game. He scared me good the 1st time I ran into him haha. Thanks, dude! I'll be checking out part 2 soon. 


Heya nice game. I thought it was great! Also, thanks for the help with my questions about reducing package size for unreal. From one dev to another great job!


i played your game! amazing! im looking forward to more like this!!

Really good game, I love how creepy it is and doesn't have loud .png jumpscares. Though the monster seem to respawn and despawn randomly, not sure but maybe it would be better to have him patrol area without despawning.

Cool game. I don't like how he can appear out of nowhere, it feels like death is just rng.

Круто! Ждем следующий эпизод)

That was more scary than I thought. Look forward to the next case.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer

Wow! This game is AWESOME! I liked everything about it from the hand drawn cutscenes to Cage-Face himself.. All in all definitely play this game if you enjoy horror! Keep up the great work!

I lo
LOVED this! I thought the original game was awesome and well done and I love the new features added in this. Would love to see more puzzles like the clock added and I can't wait for more cases! Managed to get the lockbox code as well which was fun to figure out!

Game was fantastic, only complaint would be that it was a bit confusing at times., but maybe that's cuz I'm dumb. Other than that, game was amazing, cant wait for the steam release.

Awesome game. This was super creepy. Keep up the good work! 

Gave it a Let's Play, got all 'Deaths/Endings', a good remake to reintroduce people to the (presumably) series - 

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Хороший инди-хоррор. Полностью проходим на все концовки.

Предыдущие игры серии Cage-Face:

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Атмосферно и страшно жалко что короткий хоррор

Definitely better than the first one! Would love to see a full game out of this!


Yaaaas, been waiting to see this monster pop back up gain! Thanks for sharing this new installment with us, bro! Looking forward to more.


He's been very excited about this.  
Awesome job~  I like the bird sounds.  Freaky.

I liked it a lot! cage face was creepy and imposing and his AI was fair. If anybody would like to watch my video i'll link it below, be sure to subscribe if you enjoy! 

This is a great remake, after playing the original game I didn't have much interest in it, but this remake definitely has potential, the use of Cage-Face here is what made the game more intense and creepy, looking forward to the next case, good work Alex :)

A fantastic remake of the original, and I've been following Cage-Face since the first game and loved every iteration of it. The drawn scenes add a visceral feel to it, while the presence of the monster amps up the tension.


Nice game but please stop calling walking sims "survival horror" . There is no combat and no resource management. Would be great if it was in modern indie titles but Amnesia killed the genre

Maybe if you knew what 'Survival Horror' meant or what a game needs to have to be considered a survival horror. Something tells me you don't know what that subgenre even means. Pretty embarrassing.

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nice creepy

Such an amazing game. :)) 5/5

HOT DANG i couldnt go far while being super tired ! but i like it any how and i made a video about it hopefully you enjoy it as entertainment ! :)

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Very much enjoyed this! It's well-polished and the enemy provided a good level of threat as I explored the darkness. Good job, Alex!

Thanks, Chris. Hope to see a Let's Play of the game soon.

Are there multiple endings? Also, does opening the coded box actually give you anything, or is it just a foreshadowing for the next game?

There is one ending and its foreshadowing in the box

Thanks for replying! 

Fun game. Can't wait to play the next case

Full play through here: 

This is really well done especially the cut scenes I love the art style. I do think the miner is a bit of a punk for spawning out of walls and always coming to key objectives, but the game wouldn't be a challenging hide from the monster game if he didn't. Overall definitely worth a play and hope other people will support the creator so we can get more of these chapters.