SOON... Cage-Face | Case 2: The Sewer

In a few days, I'll be releasing Cage-Face | Case 2: The Sewer to the site hopefully around the same time as the Steam release of The Mine, while I hopefully have it also hope to have The Sewer released on Steam on Oct 25th.

In case you're wondering how I have a second game releasing so soon after Case 1, it's mostly due to Case 2 was actually was being developed months before Case 1 was made, but since Case 2 is getting a Steam release and Case 2 will not be free to download, I didn't want steam users to be in the dark on the Cage-Face lore, so I took some time off to develop Case 1.

SIDE NOTE: Did a tiny update to Cage-Face | Case 1: The Mine, mostly a graphics setting (FPS Limit) will activate when applying, rather than needing to close the game and reopening for the setting to work.


Cage-Face | Case 1: The Mine - 1 GB
Oct 06, 2021

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