A downloadable DeadCommand for Windows


An outbreak happened in the Laboratory you worked at and you are injured and infected. Taking refuge, you must use a computer to control a Robot through Text Commands in order for it to make an antidote, fix the elevator, and deliver you the cure. Be warned, you can only do one action (text command) at a time and you don't have much time til the infection takes over.


A-Z, 1-9, and SPACEBAR - Type in your Command

ENTER - Enter Command

BACKSPACE - Reset Command

ESC or TAB - Pause Game


This game was made in 48hrs for the Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam 2019. Programming and design by Alex Olinkiewicz, with models, sounds and some effects obtained from the Unreal Engine 4 Asset Store.


This game contain random CRT Flicker Effects which can be an issue for those with epilepsy.


DeadCommand(32bit)-AlexO.zip 473 MB
DeadCommand-AlexO.zip 495 MB

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