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Gave it a Let's Play and my suggestions/feedback within 

The Picture in Picture in this game is so damn well done! I love this, thanks for your work

Full Play No Commentary 


This is the coolest game i've played yet. I think this is the first time i've played a second-person game. Kinda unique in my opinion. Keep up the good work! 

This game was really good especially for only being developed in 2 weeks. Really liked the whole idea of playing most of the game through a projector. Made a video on it.


That was awesome! The way that you play inside the movie is such a cool concept, and the story was quite sad too. I felt bad for the poor child. And that ending was really on point! Great job, an excellent short game indeed! 

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Everything about this game is absolutely awesome!! The game play through the camera was icing on the cake!! Game here: 


The projector element is fantastic! Great story to go with it as well!

Very strong work without roughness. And all this camera theme is so cool.

That was an extraordinary experience, but I wonder who that man was the girl mentioned in her last note and what did he do to the family? Will it be touched upon in the future projects? 

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HELLO I am ImpactBST I loved this game really good graphics, very smooth, fun. scary the ending was CRAZY!! 



this is actually a rlly nice game, the idea was rlly creative and cool, keep up the good work~ the ending is amazing too, never saw that one comming

This game was very disturbing. The projector parts were a very clever idea! I love the little ideas, like the hang man bit. 10/10, wish for more from you! Keep it up. Your games are awesome.

This was a really creepy game. The projector sections were really unique. Keep up the great work! 

Awesome horror game Alex! Playing in the second person through the Super 8 film was a really nice touch - it made the game stand out from the typical haunted house experience. Both atmosphere and story were unsettling. You did a great job delivering a creepy horror experience without the use of jumpscares. I really enjoy your games, and look forward to seeing what you have in store for future projects. 


I really like this game, you sir or ma'am made a great game here and it left me wanting more. 

keep up the great work and I hope to see what you have in the future 

Scary experience, i love the idea of this game, im glad that i play it, i had scary and fun mementos :)

here is my gameplay i hope you will like it :

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wow, very good game dev

I’d like to play this for my YT channel but I can’t seem to get the download to start, even with the alternate download selected I see nothing listed in the drop down box gives to select and on pressing install it seems to cause an error because of it. If someone gets word of how to fix this or knows when the fix is given I’d be happy if they could let me know! <3

The atmosphere was great and looking around as the girlfriend and through the camera was such a cool idea! I also liked the graphics, sounds and the story very much. Overall very enjoyable game.

I got to say i love the creativity that was put into this game. Good well thought out consistent story and puzzles really helped tie things all together. Your work is well balanced, very enjoyable to play! Definitely will be looking forward to what in store for next time!

Very cool game. Taking control is such a neat mechanic.

horror game

ALL I had to do was walk towards the door you can’t make this stuff up lmao 😂 

Good game

It is mentioned on the games description on the Itch Page

This was one of my favorite horror games I've played all year! The transitions were smooth and it did a good job at keeping me on edge! Keep up the AWESOME WORK my dude! 

   - CrazyCheesePuf


nice game

i dont know why but on the first puzzle like thing where you put toys in the box i cant open the door is there something i am missing?? im watching others play it they just go straight through the door but it wont move when i try i have reseted the game multiple times but it isnt working :(


Did you pick up all 5 Toys, the Ball, Bunny, the 2 bridge-like Blocks, and the Triangle Block?

yes and the lights flickered but door wont open

The door that says "Put Away My Toys"?

If that still doesn't open, all I could say is maybe delete the game and redownload it, cause I don't know why it won't open. It seems to be some odd bug. That I so far haven't witnessed in my playthroughs and haven't seen other got.

Also just to check, to use doors in my game you need to walk directly into them, you don't press any interact buttons.

i tried now delet and downlaod again and this is what i see well im just gonna watch others play it then but it was good grapichs cool gameplay and all that my mouse sensativity was whack tho xD

Yeah, that is very strange, wonder if it might be your PC, cause the game looks pretty choppy.


You should be proud Alex, this shows great talent. I can't wait to see the work you do on a larger project. Visuals were great and I loved the second person playstyle while watching the films. Notes: Firstly, feedback is important in design. I think having some kind of prompt when the player gains a key/item would be helpful or having physical keys the player picks up near the notes would go a long way. Secondly, I did run into a sticking point in the second puzzle (the red riding hood drawings) where I looked for a long period of time, missing the drawing on the side of the wardrobe repeatedly before believing I had encountered a bug and reset the game. I think higher contrast between the drawing assets and the environment or some other in game hint would go a long way to improving the flow of gameplay.

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Thanks, There are physical keys, they are laying on the notes that you examine. Also when you pick up the key there is a little key sound.

I must have missed them. Myb.

Such a rich story inside of an unsettling horror game. Honestly, without me spoiling anything, don't expect a bunch of jumpscares. Expect a very uncomfortable experience that leaves you with your jaw dropped at the end! SUPER GOOD! WELL DONE DEV!
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Great game. Love the visuals and the second person perspective. Really amazin game. 

One of the best titles i have played here on Unique, unsettling. I kind of...i repeat, KIND OF saw the end coming, but it really didnt matter to me at that point. I had SO MUCH FUN playing this. Simply put, a GREAT indie horror title, that you really need to play. Great job dev, i am now upset that i did not donate to you, but you can best bet i will! Keep up the amazing work.


Absolutely fantastic. For around 2 weeks of work, I'm astounded that this is as well executed as it is. The 2nd-person perspective stuff works very well and makes this very unique. Probably could be scarier overall, but definitely worth a play.

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cool puzzle game creepy

The game style and atmosphere are so great good job

Very spooky game!

As always, Alex brings gold star ideas to live! 

What a brilliant concept for the horror game, to have the investigation take place, while watching the film on the projector. While playing this I felt meta, kind of immersed in the game with that full realization, that I was playing a character, watching a film, while being part of that film - just mental! 

This did remind me of the movie "Sinister", which had kind of the same vibe as this game, but I would have never though how much entertainment value this type of game would have. 

Unique environment! Excellent Game! I did complete and got both ending, which I though was phenomenal! Looking forward to seeing more from you, Alex. Bravo! 

This game was great and spooky loved the projector the fact you could put film in and play what you was watching.

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Highly, highly recommend this for anyone who likes horror.

This was an excellent experience. The execution is very well done, the atmosphere is great for a game made in two weeks, the art style is consistently creepy and unnerving. I loved this and would absolutely pay good money for a full game with a similar set of mechanics. 

Only real complaints: The game never told me to just walk into doors, I kept expecting them to be manually opened; and a couple of puzzle items were a little difficult to find. But it's a game jam game, so I'm not too fussed over these little nitpicks.

If you want to check it out, video below.

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