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An interesting game. We had a lot of fun playing it. The only problem was that it is too short.

I really liked the monster design for Cage Face, and I found this short story interesting. I would have liked the tension-filled moments to be a little more tense though. I would have liked a chase or maybe some punishments from taking too long to hide. I look forward to trying out your other game with the same monster!

Enjoyed the game, found myself getting really engaged in the story. Good world build cant wait to see what's to come.  GG's

a pesar de ser muy corto es un buen juego 10/10 mi pana

se nota el esfuerzo que le pusieron a hacer este juego

si quieres apoyar mi canal te lo agradecería mucho :D

soy nuevo en la plataforma

Amazing addition to the cage face series! Loved seeing more being added to this creature and hope there's still more to come for it! A very original horror creature is always awesome to see! Also great work to everyone involved! 

I liked this a lot. It’s always nice to see a developer take their character into a different gameplay style and visual aesthetic. It expands on the lore and universe, and keeps the character from being pigeonholed into one style or approach. The scenario has an original quality to it, and the story is paced well for being a brief experience. The formula works, and makes me curious as to where the story goes from here.

love this next installment of the cage face games


Thanks for playing it

Cage face is intriguing and I like the way you've linked the two games together. Not sure why he's on the subway of all places though. 

Terror Lurks In Every Tunnel

I love the story of the game and how it was a point to click one since it was pretty Rare to find this type of games and i like it 

Dude, I think you should keep up Cage Face. It has great potential. I am liking the backstory and how it seems to affect people with a smell. Good job on getting this game out so quickly!

thanks for playing, currently I have other work I have to do, but am thinking about possible games involving Cage-Face for the future.

That's dope! I understand your busy, definitely do not burden yourself. I just think you do have something here that could blow up. I am excited for more, but take your time.

Nice one Alex! congrats on another awsome game!

Pros and cons are down below) Check out the vid here (sub to support)):


1. The game is very cool, I like how it elaborated the lore about Cage Face as it is the sequel to the previous Cage Face game.

2. I like the style, it reminded me of The Coma a lot. I think it's especially cool as it's so different from the previous game. I think it's a wonderful idea to create separate games for those newspapers articles that we've seen in the previous game. It's even cooler if each game would be made in different style. Well done!


1. I don't think there's much gameplay here. I think the previous game was more interesting. It was cool replaying it and here it's a one time experience.

2. It would be cooler if the game would have different endings (as is it didn't seem like it at least). Though, it's really hard to add different endings when it's obvious from the start that the main character is going to survive. Yet, you could add another escape route or something similar.

3. The danger didn't seem to be real at all. I think you could make Cage Face patrol one cabin and the player run from one hiding spot to another evading Cage Face at the same time. Or something like that.


This game didn't impress me as much as the previous did. Still, I think it was pretty good. I'll rate it 4/5, yet I can't wait for more Cage Face games! The creature is so cool and it deserves a lot more attention!

Hope my feedback was useful!


Thanks for the feedback

The game was a pretty good game and it was A LOT of fun to commentate over. I enjoyed all of it. I always felt like I was going to end up getting jumpscared LOL. Here is my video on it (I had no idea what to do for the intro so dont judge the video just off the intro LOL)

If you enjoyed the video then please consider subscribing! If you did not enjoy the video then please tell me what you did not enjoy in the comments so I can improve :)

I need more Cage-Face!! It's a must!

this game was AMAZING!

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Awesome to see more Cage Face! Very much looking forward to seeing where this goes!


very Interesting I'm glad you putted the 2nd part kinda of the game in the end of the game or else I might have missed it 

I played them both :D

well i love creppy stuff,,and this got my attencion:) really good


Awesome Game and i am really excited to play more / learn more about the enigma that is cage face. Hope you enjoy!
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We'll see, I do have other work I have to do, but I thinking about future Cage-Face games and see if I can get some free time to make the game.

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So, our boy Cage-Face really likes listening to birds or there's some bird-like entity controlling his actions... Interesting!

This was great! Really opens up the Cage-Face story to new possibilities! Hoping to see more installments of this series in the future!


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I really liked the game and especially the art and the sppoky vibe hope you enjoy my video! My channel is SilverChiara the music was pretty great too! I didn't expect the voice acting at the end hahaha

Thank you

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Great addition to the Cage-Face series, and I really enjoyed the side-scrolling gameplay this time around! It was really interesting how the Cage-Face world was expanded but at the same time many things were left to our imagination... like why does Cage-Face make people feel sick and what is that bird call!? Personally, I think Cage-Face was a miner who maybe died due to carbon monoxide poisoning (hence why people feel ill around him) and the bird is a canary - like the ones miners take into caves! Although exactly what he is now is still anyone's guess haha

Thanks for playing it.

Another great Cage-Face game! Really liked the switch up in game style and I'm enjoying learning more about it's backstory. Looking forward to more!


Thanks, don't expect another Cage-Face for a while (got other work I have to do), but I am looking at possible ideas for my next game involving my character.

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Really neat concept! Story telling is a big part in horror games for me. I'm so glad there is a story behind Cage face. Maybe we get to find out who or what is he? 


Its unknown when I'll have the time to make another game involving my character, but will be thinking about what my next Cage-Face game will be.

This is great news! You got a fan! :)

Good, could use more events, but solid stuff

Really fun, great setting and style. Love to see more!
Keep on the good work.

This game is another great example of creating a indie horror icon. Great on expanding more on the story and I can tell that you are going towards a bit bigger of a game for the next outing of Cage Face. I played the first a while ago now this one. Can't wait for more cage face. 
Check out what I thought and my reactions to this game right here :) Keep up the story I wanna know more of this thing. 

Thank you, don't expect the next Cage-Face any time soon (got other work I have to do), but I am thinking about a possible 3rd Cage-Face game, just got to make sure I get plenty of free time to work on it.

Cool cool but none the less I can't wait 

Another great game from you!.

I really enjoyed this game. I look forward to playing another game by you, hopefully you will continue the series as I have played both games thus far.I will link my gameplay below if you are interested in seeing my reaction.

Be careful on the subway

Great game can't wait for the third one

Really good continuation to the Cage-Face mythos. Interesting to see such a monster's lore built up like this.

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Amazing game dev :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay 


is this the second game to the first cage face

In some ways yes, both games are connected.

Is this one finished, content-wise?

Not sure what you mean

Any more endings, plot points and details, grammar correction (if one is even needed), characters, locations, etc?

I would probably say its complete, its a tiny game, built for the Game Jam I entered it in.

Probably asking if the game are completed.

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