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To manage to make the tweet of a bird actually make me want to run for my life is amazing. I could be walking down a random corridor, hear the noise, and know that I had to run for my life as Cage-Face could be coming from anywhere. Honestly loved playing through the series. 

I’ll make sure to add a review over on Steam, hopefully we can see another game with Cage-Face in the future.

Is it possible to beat hardcore?

Back again, but with compilations of me screaming and getting scaried. Hardcore mode this time! Full video will be out tomorrow

Very hard, a lot harder than case 1. But worth a play, and awesome location, took a while to figure out the place. Awesome game, can't wait for another case 😜

Thanks, but don't get your hope up for a Case 3 any time soon. Case 1 & 2 aren't getting the attention I need to invest time working on Case 3.

well, they are fun. I am still trying to complete hardcore mode. 

wow the is so intens an so chellenging

keep it up cant wait the case 3

Thanks, sadly Case 1 & 2 are not getting much attention and support, so currently Case 3 will be in Limbo.

you mean case 3 will be like Limbo game ?

i hope don't

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No, saying the game be in Limbo, means it unkown on what is gonna happen to Case 3. Whether it's gonna be created or not, or even when I'll be able to develop it.

I finally got my video up. It's a pretty good game. I was frustrated in some parts but I also wasn't really shooting for the head, so it got easier once i realized that. I thought I got a headshot or 2 early in the game and assumed it didn't do anything different, but I was mistaken and must've missed the head. I kept playing the previous version until I beat it because I didn't want to give up. His speed is probably fine in that version now that I realize I was playing it wrong. Thanks for the fun, dude! I'll be looking forward to a part 3 if that's something you plan to do one day. 


Sorry for the late reply, thanks for playing my game.

Does this copy come with the Steam key?

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Not at the moment and it's unsure if I will add Steam Keys. The reason mostly is some developers warn me that if sales on Itch surpasses Steam sales and all those Itch Sales came with Steam Key, then Steam might not be happy and will remove me off of Steam as a developer.

Wow, Steam is rather petty.

Yeah, so at least for now if you really want to play this game off Steam, best wait for the Steam release. (no real difference other than 5 Steam Achievements)

Thanks, I'll consider this!