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The game was developed in around 2 weeks for Senscape's Cursed Adventurous Jam 2022 (Won 3rd Place).In-Terror-Gation is a horror investigation game influenced by the works of Lovecraft and Junji Ito. As a psychiatrist at the Innsmount Prison Hospital, you are tasked with the interrogation of a mysterious patient in the hopes of getting to the truth behind a bizarre case of kidnapping.

Ask questions, listen to what she says, and examine your evidence to find the contradictions that may lie within. Only by questioning everything can you figure out the real truth about what happened to this patient, and just what is going on with her.

FEATURES: Full Voice Acting -&- 5 Different Endings

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Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
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Authorsolinkalex, bubbykinz, Crims0und
GenreAdventure, Puzzle, Visual Novel
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Psychological Horror, Short, Singleplayer


InTERRORgation (v1.01).zip 209 MB
InTERRORgation (v1.0).zip 209 MB

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i can't download the game.

Strange, don't know why that is.

Never go to a psych ward | IN-TERROR-GATION(All endings)

This was a great game I really enjoyed all the endings it was an overall great game and I love the atmosphere along with the investigation!! Keep up the great work!

This game was awesome! Loved it :3 Felt like a detective!

Great voice acting and a spooky story, Loved it! Got all endings!

Yes, I saw what happened to that boAOady.

im trying to play but my computer wont run it for some reason

Can your PC play other games made in Unreal, then if not then the issue is your PC and Unreal.

yes it can it just takes in terror gation long to come up or it won’t come up 

Mmm... that is strange, I honestly don't know why it would do that.

I played your game, and it was fun and challenging at first, but I managed to progress throughout the play-through. I liked the story, and it's nice to have multiple endings. Great work DEV :). And check out my gameplay here.

Hey there! Super interesting game you've made here and I enjoyed all the endings as well! I did spend a little too long getting the most obvious one tho LOL. Anyways here's my video on the game -

Will there also be a MAC version?

Sorry, I don't have a MAC to help port the game too.

I see thanks for answering 

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This game was a fun little investigative adventure, took me some time to get the ending I wanted though!

Fun to see people liking this game, saw it on youtube sinds it was on Itch.io said f it imma play it. Really love the burtalist artstyle. Plus creator is Polish so siema:) if your reading this.

Thanks, I'm actually American, as I recall my very late ancestors left Poland for America sometime before WW2 happened.

This was my favorite game no cap. Everything i love in a game and something that made me actually want to read and know more. Alex truly if you see this watch the video. I Really enjoyed your work and if you want to ever talk deeply about it or a interview about the game that would be awesome!

This had me calling the vatican.

A really good game.

Play this for sure!

And give money for it if can!

Congratulations on taking third place!

Finally got to playing this, interesting change of pace for you, have a fun time developing this one? Here's my gameplay :p 

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Very cool game I love it! A bit short however it was made in 2 weeks apparently? And it's free so again, great job for the team or the person behind it! (edit: I'm stupid it's a team I didn't see the credits, don't do like me go check it out)

I read that it was hard to some people? I don't think so! It's just, well a bit of trials and errors, but most of all, you have to use your brain, take the time to read everything the first time even if it means running out of time for your first run.

With that in mind, I managed to find 4 out of the 5 endings! The last one was so simple yet... I feel stupid for not thinking about it xD But I won't spoil anything to you guys~

Anyway have a nice day for anyone who read this! And go play the game! Or thank you for making the game if you read this creator!

Hard game, really cool tho!

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cool game but way too hard IMO, i had to watch a playthrough

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Great game and a very unique concept.

Was the alien language influenced by Celtic languages at all? It looked fairly similar to Irish to me


Nice game and voice acting ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Bug Report, I think: Pages go missing something. I thought it was because I was guessing wrong, but they appear and disappear at random. Also, I can't toggle fullscreen.

thanks for mentioning it

Really impressive game. Love the art. All Endings below.

Ending 3: 

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Ending 2 & 5 

Ending 1:

WOW!!! This game was really good. I loved the interactions and the multiple endings. Really great job.

Watch video here: 

i cant believe how this game got buried under all the other games and didn't get the attention it deserves ... it took me a while but i got all the endings , i hope you guys enjoy the vid and i really love the influence from junji ito there :)

I’m genuinely impressed! I never play interrogation horror games but this definitely opened up my eyes! Thank you


Really enjoyed the game! The only issue I had was the time limit & I felt like there were multiple things you could’ve rebutted with for some of the prompts, but it was really good! Keep up the hard work! 

Thanks for your hard work! How long does it take to play? It looks like a lot of text, right? And how many scares are there? Is it through blood or contorted faces?

probably around 15 to 30 minutes, besides the documents the game feature full voice acting during the dialog. rest you just have to play and see.