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For decades, humanity has been forced to live in skies to avoid dangers lurking on ground and descend only when it’s necessary. As player, you’re trying to find an objective, but it won’t be easy - there will be obstacles to solve.


WASD - Move | Mouse - Look

Left Mouse - Interact

Mouse Wheel - Cycle/Select Inventory Item

Right Mouse - Unselect Inventory Item

F - Flashlight

Left Shift - (hold) Running

Left Ctrl - Crouch

Esc, P - Pause Game

Developed in 1 week by TeamOutsiders for the Epic Mega Jam 2019

Alex Olinkiewicz (programming)

Cavi Montenegro (music/SFX)

Jonathan Cortez (art)

Michal Milkowski (art)


Outside-by-TeamOutsider(EpicMegaJam2019) - v1.1.zip 903 MB


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I do not know

Haha, cute! The place where the cable is hidden really needs a visual hint as to its open-ability :D I was only able to solve this after 7 mins of searching after looking at your screenshot

Yeah I realize I should of added something like Door handles on the cabinet, and I have an update prepared, but of course I can't update the game during the Jam judgment so for now I posted that screenshot to help give the hint.

The blue cable is a lie. :) Spent an hour playing and I have no idea where the cable is or what to do with the can. Still, pretty nice project. 

did you solve the Knob Puzzle in the Shelter behind the Station? cause that unlocks the cabinet in the Shelter.

(1 edit)

The cabinet unlocked with the purple key? Yes. But there's not enough powa... 

No the cabinet in the shelter behind the station. It looks like a box (should have put handles to make it more clear its a cabinet)

(1 edit)

The round shelter? That's a cabinet? It does look like a cardboard box. :)
Was that image of it added? Hehehe... 

Yep, realize that I should have made it more clear that it was a cabinet, sadly I can't update the build till the GameJam is over so I added that image to help a little until the GameJam voting has ended.