Update 1.3 out now

Few small fixes and additions.Doors are now labeled with the room number above them.

  • The knife weapon will always spawn in the Containment Room every time you start the game.
  • Entity AI and spawning time have been tweaked to make the Entity a little less aggressive and less difficult.
  • Added hint in the Hint and Tips monitor screen.
  • Get a monitor notification and a click sound when you try and fire a weapon with no ammo loaded.
  • Tweak the Aim Asset.
  • Tutorial notifications been raised up so they be a little easier to spot.
  • A few fixed typos.


PossessionExperiment - v1.3.zip 486 MB
Jan 17, 2020
PossessionExperiment(32bit) - v1.3.zip 464 MB
Jan 17, 2020

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