Cage-Face | Case 2: The Sewer - Out Now!

After months of development, The first game that I put a price tag on is finally released onto Itch. CAGE-FACE | Case 2: The Sewer.

Link to the Games on Itch:
The game is also releasing on Steam on Oct 25th:


What seemed to be a standard missing person's case became much more when you discovered that the person you were looking for was caught in their own search for an unnatural being that seems to hunt people down in tunnels. The investigation continues to unfold, leading to another VHS tape of a survivor - This time a police interrogation of the only surviving member of a group of bank robbers that came face-to-face with the beast. This is CAGE-FACE | Case 2: The Sewer, a first-person survival horror game where you play as a bank robber fighting for his life to escape from the sewers, and the monster that hunts him through it. Game Features

  • A survival horror experience that takes about 45 minutes for the first playthrough.
  • Evade and fight off an unnatural entity that can seemingly appear and disappear at will.
  • Complete puzzles and find your way out of the sewers while fighting a mysterious illness that threatens your life.
  • Features two difficulty modes: Normal and Hardcore.
  • Enjoy a whole game programmed almost entirely by the developer


Cage-Face | Case 2: The Sewer - 1 GB
Oct 08, 2021

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