Version 1.0.1

Got some strong feedback from a Let's Play about his frustrations when playing the game. So much so that they mention they pretty much gave up on the game cause he felt the game was way too difficult even on Normal Mode. So I did some quick tweaks that hopefully lower the chances for players to have a frustrating experience. Basically, I tweak the AI a little so you might have a bit more chance of the enemy missing you, another addition is making it less likely the Enemy will spawn right next to the player leading to instant deaths, and lastly I added a few extra signs in the sewer to help prevent players from getting lost in the sewer.

While I can't say this completely fix the issue and I probably will still have players finding the game frustrating, I hope these tweaks decrease that a bit.


Cage-Face | Case 2: The Sewer - 1 GB
Oct 10, 2021

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