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Great little game, really liked the investigation angle and watching the gameplay on the little monitor! 

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The idea of this game is absolutely fire

fire lol. Hopefully there will be more someday 

Love the concept and idea. I can see this taking off like the ayuwoki or siren head if you keep it going. My feedback is try something new or take something from underrated gems like eternal darkness when making another game with Cage Face. Otherwise great game and idea I really want to see more and can't wait keep on creating my friend you have great talent to be popular. Also if you want to see my thoughts and reactions here it is in the video 


Such a cool design!

Really enjoyed this!I like the fact that you play inside the recording! Very different! Keep up the good work! :)

The game's decent enough and I like how you play the game inside the tv. Keep it up.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

we'll see

I love the look of the game. the voice acting is surprisingly good!

I really liked the build up for the actual game. Creepy reading those documents and going into it knowing it's not going to be a good time. Fantastic game.

Real spooky. Reminded me of Vanish a bit.

might givethis one a go, will post vid link when i do it. congrats on another good game alex

Can I ask where you got the music at the end of the game from really like it?

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It's an original music track the composer made for Cage-Face.

Composer here. I'm glad you like the music :)

Love it

How do I go about getting a license to use your music in my videos if that is possible?

Dm me and we can work something out 🙂

Creepy being chased by a guy with a pickaxe.

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This was Very Unique... I Still have my VHS Player LOL... LOVE IT! -GermanDeabloGames

Cage-Face at the END of Video.  

Thank you for the game

Cool game, I really like the idea of being inside the VHS while playing the game.I've never played a game with a perspective quite like this one, this game is unique and original. I did a playthrough that I will link below if you are interested in seeing my reaction.

This was excellent!! Great job! it freaked me out XD 

hi, big thx for the great game. greetings from rosti 😁

Really enjoyed your game. I loved the idea of playing both the investigator and the victim and the game changing based on my performance. I think Cage-Face is pretty original and would love to see future projects with him.

Why do people keep saying that it's a "playable teaser demo" if it's supposed to be a full version?

Bro I really enjoyed the game, it felt like a detective type game

Thanks for playing.

Enjoyed the game, just didnt expect it to be that short. Feel free to check out my Playthrough/Walkthrough and support the channel <3. Much appreciated <3

I do enjoy playing games that have multiple endings. i still believe theres a third ending to this game but overall it was enjoyable!

I already wrote a comment here some time before)

And now I returned to the game and tried to figure out the creature a little bit, here's my little investigations, my take and some thoughts if you are interested:

If you are interested in the creature - I am open to discussions and speculations - leave a comment here or under the vid!

I think the game is great! I am so glad that there is more lore there than I originally thought! I hope this creature will get as populat as Siren Head!

Already rated the game before but I'll repeat - it deserves 5/5 rating!

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I enjoyed this. Cage-Face is done with style, and builds a world and backstory, despite being a brief experience. I’d like to see this world expand and continue. 

Short, decent, but could have perhaps, more tense elements of 'survival horror', not exactly an intimidating being that chases you at a slower speed than Jason Voorhees, ramp that horror up ;0 - 

This was really good! A lot of story building in the beginning helped build up the suspense and connect me to the game a bit more when I got into the meat of the gameplay. I enjoyed playing this a lot! 

Жуткий эбиень. Новый монстр, советую поиграть.

An enjoyable short horror game. Good atmosphere, chase sequence and short story. Little too much reading for my taste, but nothing negative. 

Pros and cons are down below) CHeck my vid here and sub if u like my content) Let's create a community of horror indie fans!


1. I liked the monster a lot! It's interesting that the monster has a bit of story and original looks (though reminded me od Bloodborne boss). I think if you'd give it a bit more depth than it has all the potential to become very popular.

2. I love that there are several endings! I replayed the game and I think it was worth it. Nothing  changed much but still it was very nice that voice lines changed a bit.


1. I feel that the game has so much unusued potential! You could at the start make 2 tunnels - with glowsticks and without and make the player follow the glowsticks. BUT the glowsticks were put there by cage face to lure the player. In the other, darker tunnel there would also be golwsticks occasionally and at the end the player would be able to find their friend and then basically the same escape as you did. Something like that. It would be so much more interesting as it would add the depth to cage face character!

2. I wish the main character would also be able to die from gaz. I mean, they got dizzy at the end but it would be so much cooler it there would be a time restriction on getting to the exit.


The game is cool and I liked it a lot! I love the creativity and the story, so I'll rate it 5/5. Though, at the same time I wish to see it further developed or I would like to see part 2. I feel like the monster could be so much more deep and interesting and the mines could also be tricky and intriguing!

Hope my feedback was useful!

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Thanks, appreciate the feedback. By the way you can die from the Gas, but you can only die from it when Cage-Face is around.

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Hey olinkalex,

The game was fun. I really enjoyed it. It was cool to jump right into the VHS, and the encounters got me good (didn't expect the way it came up) Also, on the left near the phone, was that a PS1 game case? Thought that was neat! haha -

Thanks, like to know what you thought of the design of Cage-Face? Also yes that is a PS1 Case (an Easter egg to one of my past games)

Cage-Face encounter or monster was a neat idea. I like the idea of seeing the drawing/sketch on the table, and the way you encounter cage-face. With me busy running away from him, there wasn't any encounter that had me up close and personal, but thought it was cool. 

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Pretty good stuff man. I love the creepy VHS style you implemented into this game. I honestly don't have any critiques. Good job! Also, is there any other endings beside A,B and C?

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Amazing game dev :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Had no idea i could interact with all the stuff on the table haha i will do another on this and try to get all endings :)

Environment is so sick...I love your Demo!

Thank, wouldn't call it a demo, just a short game to show off the character, but who knows the internet is unpredictable, its possible I make a larger game in the future or someone else does.

Oh okay and I hope you will continue this project someday :) 

Hello, I played this game and it was a very interesting game, I liked the environment, and sound effects were pretty good, also it was pretty easy to get away from the monster, over all it was a neat game, good work :)

Not a bad little game. I'm not sure what I did differently to get Ending A & C (maybe got out faster?) but I managed to find 3 endings. Nice job on this. Thanks!


Thanks, it is basically a timing thing to escape before getting poisoned, there is a bit to it, but gonna let the internet try and figure this character out.

Interesting game. You nailed the atmosphere and for a simple teaser demo, can't really fault it for much.

For anyone who wants to try a decent little indie horror, I can recommend it. It's pretty short, about 15 mins to do both endings. Worth your time.

Thanks, it is odd with the performance. The game seemed to run smooth on my end. One thing I did notice is that I forgot to package my games as "Shipping" instead of "Development" the development build has some extra data and its also why that white text appeared on the top left of the screen. I updated the files and hopefully that might fix the performance issue.

That was so much fun! This is a great game guys! I only got ending B but im gonna go back for A! Thank you!

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