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Check the Reboot: CAGE-FACE | Case 1: The Mine

You cannot sleep just yet.

You just found a new lead; another piece of the puzzle. It is the biggest potential key to the mystery so far.

The past few months you have been waiting for every bit of information to slowly arrive at your desk. This night, a VHS tape has surfaced. You cannot wait until morning. This has to be seen right now. It is your responsibility to report anything you find after all.

Take a look and see what it has to offer.

[This is a short horror game, can take a couple of minutes to beat, features 3 Endings]

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(35 total ratings)
Made withUnreal Engine
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Psychological Horror, Short, Singleplayer, Spooky, Survival Horror
Average sessionA few minutes


CageFace - v1.3.zip 185 MB

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Very cool concept! The art looks great and if there is an extended version I'd love to play it!


I made a remake to the game some time ago called CAGE-FACE: Case 1 - The Mine.

Well that is a new creepy monster, I would love to play a longer game with something like that, you could create so many creepy moments trapped in a mine. 

Had to go for all of the endings, this has to be the first game I rooted for the character to asphyxiate. Literally keeping him alive, just to get the third ending.

Loved the game. Can’t wait to play through other games you make.

Had a lot of fun! Great Game. Click here to visit my Channel.

This Video Was Fun To Make!!!

Best jumpscares I ever had-

Cool feature of date/time & detailled environment, same as banner's font vs. background and bg-theme here. Looks awesome like that flashlight-vision in the dark (is that 'paper' on left side & right-sided 'door' placed on purpose for every moment in-game within those screenshots?) & the theme's font fit to the game-version's one.

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The game really set's the stage for what's to come.. Gives a really eerie environment and makes your hair stand.. hehe.. sound cues add to the scare factor and the chase scene was very tedious but fun over all.. But it's also a big plus if there were interactable items in the VHS part. But all in all a great experience, would recommend you to play this game for yourself.

By the way check out the channel and if you like my content don't be shy and hit that subscribe button for more Horror Content.. PEACE!!

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Unexpected, confusing containment,
bleaching through eerie terrifying noise aesthetics.

One of the scariest, experiences
I've ever played in my life...

i download linux version and didnt lanch it just give text file
i click on CageFace.sh and ofc i allow to run like app
but still just give me text file

Oh man, I'm really sorry, but I actually meant to remove that link. I don't have a Linux PC so I couldn't test if that version worked. I didn't get any comments about the Linux version not working so I assumed it did. It was only when I was working on a different project that I had someone with a Linux PC test it out and told me it didn't work at all. I hope to be able to solve the issue and be able to have my games available on Linux someday.

btw i see your game in youtube nice game :)


That's an awesome monster design. Thanks for sharing the game with us!


Very nice design for the monster~  I saw Subway exists and that you're working on another.  I told Wild and will be pressuring him to play them as well.

3 Horror Games | Slendrina the Cellar, Cleaning Service, Cage-Face | please like and subscribe trying to reach 300 subscribers


I got both endings (like a boss)



Was a reall y well done game. The way you set up the atmosphere and tone was really good and even the way Cage-Face was hyped up. It was really cool to see the way Cage-Face teleported in front of you as well; a well thought out mechanic. Pretty fun game!

glad you enjoyed it

Pour les Francophones !

Hey, um reconhecimento aqui do Brasil. Como falei no meu vídeo, o jogo em si é curto, mas para servir como porta de entrada pro monstro que é o cage face, é um ótimo jogo. 

This was an interesting game. Good work, man.

Hello! I really enjoyed playing this one. It was simple and straightforward, and I liked the investigative portion at the beginning, building up the suspense and then actually playing the VHS to see what may have happened. Clever and inventive, this is exactly what I like. Its effective and I can't wait to see what you do with the concept! Here is my playthrough if anyone wants to have a look :)

Nice game 👍

Really good build up for sure. Definitely could be polished up some more and be more interactive but still enjoyable and scary! 

I really enjoyed the atmosphere and constant tension in this game. The two things I wanted to see more of were more scares to fill the space while first going through the mine, and a bit more backstory about the monster.

Thanks for playing it

An interesting little game.We had a lot of fun. Managed to get all 3 endings.

CAGE-FACE starts at 31:12!

An interesting retro feeling horror where you discover not everything is as it seems in the mineshaft, someone or something else is lurking down there.

 The game has a nice interesting concept where you play as the man in the tape but you are also watching the tape at the same time. The game has nice creepy sounds that make you very anxious while playing and catch you off guard, this is coupled very nicely with cramped, dark spaces to really add an authentic feel to the experience.

It will be very interesting to see where the mystery of Cage Face goes in future releases.


please check out and also this game was fun to play 

I love it, I'm looking forward to the future cage face games

This story was so creepy maaaan. I look forward to see what comes next for the cage-face saga!

Thanks for playing it.

This made me happy.. Definately want to see more of the lore of this situation .. 😂

Very short but an amazing game, i realy like that. The "monster" is very interesting. I would like to see more about him.

This is my gameplay in portuguese.

This game was good for being free and so small! I do wish you could make a full version where the character can go around and interact with objects though!

I also got a weird phone call right after finishing the game and it got me a little spooked.

That was SCARY! Go get scared and learn some Russian with me lol <3

I think was scp! Nice scary game! i love it.

Thanks, though Cage-Face is not an SCP or a CreepyPasta and I have no intention of making him one.

Can I download your game?

I could totally see this fleshed out even more! I recommend switching up how you get away from Cage-Face because he is really easy to juke. But good job!!


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