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Night of the X-mas Trees is a Christmas-Themed Survival-Horror game where a lone officer receives a call to investigate a Christmas Tree Lot during a very cold winter night. The power is on, but it looks like no one is around. While you may think that the frigid cold is the only thing to worry about, the truth is that the Christmas Tree lot appears to be overrun by demonic X-mas tree demons. Will you be able to survive the night to see Christmas, will you freeze to death from the dreaded cold, or will you get chopped down by the Christmas Trees?

Of course, you could just leave whenever.


[W/A/S/D] - Move
[Mouse] - Look
[RMB] - Aim Firearm
[LMB] - Interact/(Aim) Fire
[E] - Interact/(Aim) Reload
[Q] - Drink Hot Cocoa
[F] - Flashlight
[Shift] - Run
[Space] - 180 Turn
[Esc] - Pause

Special thanks to Amy Lynch for assisting in the game's writing.

Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
Made withUnreal Engine
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Christmas, Creepy, Dark, First-Person, Horror, Indie, Retro, Survival Horror
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Terror de Natal

Christmas horror

I couldn't figure out what to do... Also I realize that the clock said 2:30..

(Third game I play)

The clocks time has nothing to do with anything in the game, its just a decoration. There is a document in both the X-Mas Shop and Meet Santa that present you the clue that unlocks the room at the entrance.

This game was so much harder than I thought it would have been. Had to play a few times just to beat it but I had lots of fun!

My gameplay

Not gonna lie this was harder to beat than I had expected XD But maybe I'm just ass at horror shooters? However finally getting to set that tree ablaze was SO fulfilling it was worth it. Pine tree zombies being hidden throughout a christmas tree farm is a brilliant premise. Loved it.

I played this before the respawn update so I suffered for my victory but the gameplay was really fun and really satisfying and I would've loved even more levels. Hope this game continues to get updates in the future. 10/10 Definitely would recommend.

Gameplay en espa帽ol

big brain game

More fun than I thought.

This game was awesome... but sorry my patience got the better of me! I ran into a game breaking bug that I didn't want to re-download to fix. Thanks for making it either way!

Sorry about the bug, hopefully v1.4 fixed this bug.

All good, thank you for being responsive!

This game was hella fun!!! Great game watch my reaction an commentary馃槀


Fun little game, nicely done!

I enjoy this game. Giving me that 80s or 90s vibe of creepy Christmas trees hiding and they jump out at you. I also like the puzzles in the game. 

Hey what a cool game you've made and it gave me a good fright a few times the way the just breathe in your ear and pop beside you oof. Little things like no checkpoints and a door code bug did annoy me tho since I had to restart for the door code bug but aside from that I really enjoyed your game! Keep it up and Merry Christmas! Here's my scary Christmas game themed video 

First game in the video. I really did enjoy the game, nice graphics style, fun premise.

However I rage quit all 3 games in the video 馃槀 ran out of ammo and the trees got the best of me.

Check out my video.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Not sure where the codes are found for two of the locked doors, otherwise very scary, awesome job! 

dammit 3 tries, no saves is really breakin' my bulbs lmao

Funny you post this the moment I was just finishing up an update that while doesn't add a checkpoint/save, does basically give you a Respawn from where you start with full health and added ammo.

little fun game thx! (2nd game)

(1 edit)

Hiiii! I played this game this morning and it was really fun, although I was super close to beating it. 10/10 Christmas Stars!

Enjoyed the game a lot, especially the look of the enemies and the little puzzles! Definitely gonna try out your other games
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Super fun game and perfect for Christmas! Kinda reminded me of Resident Evil a bit the way the enemies attack. A save/checkpoint feature would be a good addition for future updates.


thanks, honestly can't say if the game will have save/checkpoints, beside the game being pretty short. Do to the games level of random systems and player freedom I would need to do a lot of recoding for the game to keep track of all the systems for a proper checkpoint system.


Pretty cool game, I like the visuals and the unique enemies, and also thought the segment where you needed to remember the lyrics to Rudolph the red nose reindeer to find a code was an original and fun idea!

Though the lack of a checkpoint and having to restart the whole game after dying is not very good from a game design standpoint in my opinion.

Here is my playthrough: 

Main reason the game doesn't have to a checkpoint system is mostly cause do to the games have systems that randomize things and such, I really did not have the time to try and code in systems that can keep track of everything to make checkpoints especially when the game is pretty short.

This was surprisingly a very fun challenge! Really cool idea and frightening! 

cant pick up the ammo even when im completely out. 

Weird, never experience that bug before. Guess it might be a bug caused by the download/unzipping the game.

Muito bom! Curti bastante a mec芒nica de congelamento do personagem e como os inimigos reagem a isso. Vale a pena jogar!

Gave it a Let's Play, showed those little trees whose boss. 

I loved the game, 
I loved the game, great pacing and nice puzzles. Can't wait to see more from you!


What was it that you couldn't do that didn't let you beat it?

THIS WAS FANTASTIC!  Thanks for making us an awesome game to play!

I didn't expect this to be as stressful as it was! But it was a lot of fun to play! Never thought about angry evil trees trying to kill us! Great idea and great execution with all the mechanics! 

for some reason, when I was playing the game, none of the x-mas tree demons or whatever appeared at all. Is this a bug or am I just lucky?

If you're saying the entire game as you explore all the buildings and such, that is a very strange bug, I never witness that bug when I tested the game or got any reports of that. All I can guess is something happened whether it's your PC or during the download/unzipping that messed up the code that triggers the enemies.

yeah the entire game i never encountered any tree demons at all, i must of had a not so great experience with the downloading or unzipping

I liked this game alot my only complaint is when you die you have to start over but othere than that it was a good game keep up the good work

Excellent work, my friend. Very interesting game. I made a gameplay on my YouTube channel ( @heavyhorrorgames ). Here it is:


so wait... the clock on the wall has nothing to do with the code? o man I wasted a bunch of time, im stuck with 3 wreaths , lighter , gas, and a clock that lies to me

Yeah, the clocks are just decorations (pretty much every local business has a wall clock).

You'll find the clues to the door code in Meet SANTA! Building and The Christmas Shop.

could you add little bit more ammo and more cocoa

so this was really well made and after raging for like an hour trying to figure out how to finish the game i can see the brilliance in it lol, but i think the note about Santa's reindeers needs to be put abit more in plain site, like the map is pretty big and to be able to find a piece of card it was so difficult, it took me a good half our just to find it, i think this is brilliant and you can see the amount of time and dedication put into this which i appreciate alot, but sometimes it would of been nice to have some direction if that makes sense im not the smartest cookie in the jar lol so it would of been nice haha, but honestly this was so good and thank you for putting in the effort to making a genuinely great little game! 

gameplay above hope you enjoy 

Thanks for the feedback. If I get more comments with similar issues then I would be looking into trying to fix that.

Just a heads up, there was a bug I encountered where the note in the Santa room gave me a specific combination of names, and upon inputting the correct code based on that combination at the necessary door, it would not let me enter. Kept saying it was wrong even though I triple checked. Might be important to note that it gave me two of the same names in the note at the Santa room, which is what I think caused the bug. I spent an hour trying to beat this and was pretty much going to until the bug prevented me from progressing. That was the final straw for me lol. Cool concept, cool style, but pretty rage inducing imo.

thanks for letting me know, it is odd cause I have a system in place that should prevent an issue like that. So not sure what could have caused that kind of bug.

I just played and got the same bug,the same name twice and it did not let me enter.

I LOVED IT, i got stuck on the door code and i ran away xD but i enjoyed the game 

This is a really great game. I kinda wish the gun reload was on the 'r' key. But beyond that, it's a really good game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. https://www.youtube.com/@Levont

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Actually, the game does allow you to rebind the key mapping so you could make Reload be 'R'.

Very interesting survival horror game. 

I enjoyed the game makes me want hot cocoa

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