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great job on this game devs! Love the multiple ending concept and the original monster design!



this game had one of the best monster designs its legit creative and a good game overall so nice job! 

Thanks for playing it.

Una buena experiencia de juego

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Very cool and stylish made! I was pleased with several endings, which is not often found even in large games. I would like to develop this character, and a larger horror with his participation!

More horror movies on the channel -

Thanks for playing it

This was really cool! The music and the voice acting was spot on and the creature is well made and creepy! Hope this becomes the next Siren Head!



Thanks for playing it

This is a creepy little addition to my long list of horror game plays. Love the monster concept and how its so slow moving but scary. Would love to play more games with Cage face in the coming weeks!

Thanks for playing, glad you like the monsters concept.

First Game I played. Love it!!

Thanks for playing it

The voice acting was AMAZING! The graphics, AWESOME! The creepy atmosphere... SCARY! The monster... Meh. I wanted a little more for the build up. There was one part I do appreciate and I felt like it was the creator's way of saying "hey." lol Here's my Gameplay.

Start at 8:20. 

Game Review and honest opinion hope this helps you creattor!

Короткий, но довольно страшный хоррор с интересным сюжетом, отличным визуальным стилем и великолепным звуковым оформлением. Прошел с огромным удовольствием!


Short, but pretty scary horror game with interesting story, great visual style and amazing sound desing. I played it with a very pleasure!

I liked the game. It has a great amb


I swear i'm never walking into a tunnel late at night after playing this lol 

This is such a great game and I honestly cannot wait to see what else the developer comes up with!

Cool short horror game. I liked the concept of playing the character in the videotape as the investigator watches. I would love to see more story about Cage Face in the future and what he's all about. I can easily see Cage Face becoming a popular horror figure like Siren Head or Slenderman. Very nice work olinkalex!


Gameplay em 4K do Cara de Gaiola, Cage-Face. Se inscreva no canal, deixa o like e ativa o sininho

Great game. One thing I was wondering is whether or not there are more than two ending?

really enjoyed this really cool concept please check out my play through below 

Thanks, glad you like the games concept.

I loved the idea of this game! I thought the fact that you play the vhs tape as the detective/journalist was a super cool element and I'd love to see this implemented in more games! Here's my full review and gameplay

thanks for playing, people have been liking the VHS thing.

The corridors are slightly tightened. But overall I liked the game. The monster looks unusual. I went to a good ending :)
I play in russian. The game starts at 07:01

Thanks for playing it.

This was an awesome experience packaged in a small box! I love the indicators at the desk to let you know what's interactive. It makes the gameplay more fluid with the story and experience. Also, the extra info and dialogue was a nice touch to something so short! I really don't have any suggestions, but you guys need to walk away with something constructive haha maybe make the enemy or threat feel a bit more lethal. Looking forward to what is developed next!

Great work!

Thanks for the feedback and glad you enjoy the game.


Please try this game, alex is a fantastic and talented game maker. :) 

Thanks for the game! Please subscribe my channel to supoort me as well!

Grrreat game. Check my video. 

Thanks for playing it.

Great Game! Thanks for Checking it out. Hope you Enjoyed the Video!

Thanks for playing it.


Wonderful game highly recommend short sweet and to the point with multiple endings I love it I think you will to

Highly recommend playing this game! So great, so spooky, it really got me! 

After playing through the game a total of 3 times to get each ending. (Which is mostly just  the same conclusion twice over) I can't say for sure if I have any glaring issues to bring up. The use of atmosphere and soundtrack were impeccable, the way the files were labeled out and how the mythos was created felt natural. My only major gripe is the development kit. You may need to re-export the game as an executable because, at the moment, trying to launch the game also launches steam VR, and the task manager identifies the game as "UE4" instead of the game’s actual title.

Besides that, this is some solid groundwork for a story or to even be left the way it is. Good work, mate.

For my full review and incessant cynical ramblings.

Thanks for the feedback, I'll look into it if I do another update.

How can you play it in the Chromeboo

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They are in my description if you wanna check it out 🤙🤙🤙

This was a quick one. Great concept. Wouldn't really say scary other than the mild stalking. But still pretty decent! 

Would love to see more added to it/ building more on the cage face character.


Happy you like the concept.

I gave the game a play for myself and I definitely enjoyed it. It felt it was very tense and creepy and that the Monster was scary and well done. 
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Scary one

I really liked this game and was glad to get all the endings! Great Job!!

I need to know if what I found at about 15:30 in the video was an actual easter egg lol please! Also great work, I really enjoyed the game! Got all 3 endings 

This was a decent game but you could tell from the start how this game was gonna go. It personally didn't hold my attention because there are so many other games that do the same thing. But of course try it for yourself you might really enjoy it.

Fun little game


I played the game and got both (I hope theres only two cause I have no idea how to get a third) but it's good, I would love to see more from it like from the detectives perspective, if like now that he has seen the video he is the next target or something. love to see what happens next
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Me ha gustado el juego, lo único que podría decir que no me gustó es la manera que se tiene para contar una historia tan simple en mucho texto, podrían implementar alguna forma más interactiva y menos aburrida de contar la historia.

Fuera de eso el juego es buenísimo, sí que podría haber un jumpscare que te haga saltar de la silla pero viendo que han hecho gran parte del juego y los assets son muy poco usados se entiende que no haya un jumpscare bien trabajado.

Les dejo todo a los desarrolladores y les felicito por haber hecho un juego muy bueno. Sin más que decir dejo mi vídeo de youtube por aquí y me retiro

EDIT: los finales no son finales, son maneras de morir, como en el programa 1000 maneras de morir, l

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