Progress on the New Cage-Face game. (7/3/21)

So been over two months since my last post. The reason for this is mostly cause I have been busy with other work, and still am. I only have so much time in the months to work on the game and I plan on making this game worth selling (Even release it on Steam), so I am trying to make sure the game features a decent amount of content along with being pretty polished to make it worth the price for those interested in playing it.

Anyway, I've decided to expand the game and it's now being converted to be a sort of a Double-Feature / Anthogy style game that not only features the Cage-Face: The Decent, but a full reboot of the original Cage-Face game and possibly an updated version of Cage-Face: Subway.

Can't say when I'll have the game completed, but I set myself to have this game done before October. 

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