Cage-Face | Case 1: The Mine (Coming Soon)

Well been a while, but looks like in the coming days I will be releasing not one, but two new Cage-Face game, starting with CAGE-FACE | Case 1: The Mine which is basically a remake of the original CAGE-FACE game.

While developing the new game that I plan to put on platforms like Steam, along with being the first game that I plan on selling, I felt like having a sort of sequel game to the other Cage-Face games will lead to some players lost, and I felt the original Cage-Face game was too simple of a game that doesn't properly present Cage-Face's abilities and such. So I took the stuff I programmed for the New Cage-Face game and to help create the remake while changing some of the story aspects to help have the game connect with the upcoming game. Anyway, expect this new Cage-Face game soon and the 2nd one a few weeks after.

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