FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate - Work in Progress Gameplay

When I finished Frostbite for my college class, I was planning to leave as is, take a break and maybe focus on new projects, but that change when I enter my new college course. The teacher was so impressed in my Frostbite game and the stuff that the class covers, I already accomplished in the Frostbite game. So instead my teacher recommend that I focus on expanding the Frostbite game, work on things that I didn’t had time to do in the past class. So I decided I will do that.

After a few weeks I have made allot of additions and improvements to the game that it might feel a bit different from the original game, so instead of updating the original game, I made the choice from the start that this is gonna be a separate game, not a sequel, but more like a reboot. Plus this is now a Solo project.

I do hope to get this reboot done within the next 2-3 Weeks, but I can’t make any promises on that. But until then I like to ask those who are looking at this post a few things.

  1. Do you have any suggestions on what additions or fixes I should include in this reboot? I might have already created them, but there is always a possibility that I miss a feature that is mention and would be a great addition to this reboot.
  2. What should be this reboots title, should it have a subtitle, or maybe I just call it Frostbite, and just add (Original) to the current games store page?
  3. Do you think I should have the reboot set to FREE or should I have it NAME YOUR PRICE?…


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