While I’m busy working on my FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate game, I decide to take a small break from it and come back to make some small fixes to the original game. Hope you guys like the improvements.

Patch 2.0

  • 3 new dialog moments in game. Use to help give a little more hint on what the players should do in the game, and to remind players they have a Map to the base.
  • Slower Body Temperature decrease, helps give players a little more time when searching the base.
  • Improved Stamina, doesn’t go down as quick.
  • Clicking on locked doors don’t automatically open the Inventory.
  • Removing the 2 pointless keys in the game
  • Players are able to see the Lights from the station’s antenna to help prevent players from getting lost outside.
  • Fixed up Dialog and Action menu to make it easier to read.
  • Improved Enemy AI, still not smart, but now will most likely keep chasing though out.
  • How To Play appears as a 4th page in the Report Intro.
  • fixed up the Options menu, might still have issues, but it works way better then before.
  • Lastly a little add for the Frostbite remake in the Main Menu.

Hope these fixes help make the game allot more enjoyable, now of course it’s time for me to go back to work on the Frostbite remake. Be sure to check out the FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate page for any new Devlogs on the Remake.

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Sep 10, 2017


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