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AVAILABLE NOW! - FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate - a reboot to this game.

As a member of a secret artic research team, you awaken to the bitter cold and discover your teammates are dead. Will you be able to solve the mystery, or will he meet the same frigid fate as them?

FROSTBITE is a short survival-horror game that serves as a prototype to the FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate game. Much like that game, Frostbite gameplay involves Exploration and Item Management and is focus on Atmospheric/Psychological Horror over Cheap/Mindless Jumpscares. Also, players must watch their body temperature as it will slowly drain throughout.  As the body temperature decreases the player will notice some negative effects and will even loose health if their body temp is at 0%.

Create by Alex Olinkiewicz, with some additional help from Brandon Camp and William Brannigan.

Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
TagsAtmospheric, First-Person, FPS, Horror, indie-horror, Pixel Art, Short, Survival Horror


Frostbite - v2.3.zip 310 MB

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It's too cold

Very Good Game!

I loved it even though this is the "old Version" I loved it. So many keys though XD

Nice Game 

Thank you for the experience keep up the great work 

Was very fun to play! Great job! :D 

Whenever I try to start the game it crashes, opening the Unreal crash reporter :(

Sorry, didn't see your comment until now, I mostly focus on GameJolt and for some reason I don't get Notifications from ich.io. Sadly I don't have an answer to your issue, most people never reported your issue and I'm still new with programming from Unreal , so can't say what it is that is causing the crashes when you tried my game.

Hey, no worries :) It's probably some compatibility issue with my computer and Unreal.

Took me a while to figure out exactly what to do but I enjoyed the game.

Amazing game! I like the atmosphere and the retro feel. It would be amazing to see this in a bigger facility. Keep up the good work!

You used Unity didn't you?

No, I used Unreal Engine 4

This is a seriously cool horror game! Not too scary, but constantly keeps you on your heels until the fantastic ending! I love the graphical look and the puzzle solving was fairly straight forward too. Really looking forward to seeing your next games.

Link for those that want laughs and scares ->


Thanks your reaction to my game when you completed it put a smile on my face.

You're most welcome! Your game was seriously good, I'm really looking forward to seeing what you make in the future :)

*Rurr* Hello everyone! I had fun playing this, although it is considered short, the first and lengthy process of finding out what you have to do may vary - I made a long playthrough of my first experience and it was, both interesting to learn and find out where I have to go, but also embarrassing! Gah! Had fun though!

Neat stuff, very nicely done.