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A lone Arctic Biologist ends up getting lost in a sudden snow storm and must take refuge in an arctic research base simply called Base 75. However, the base has no power (meaning no heat) and what’s worse it is clear he is not alone in Base 75.

Frostbite: Deadly Climate is a First-Person Survival-Horror game that takes heavy inspiration from John Carpenter’s The Thing in Setting/Story with gameplay similar to Resident Evil 7. Along with a heavy focus on Atmospheric/Psychological Horror over Cheap/Mindless Jumpscares.

Taking place in an arctic setting, players must watch their body temperature as it will slowly drain throughout.  As the body temperature decreases the player will notice some negative effects and will even loose health if their body temp is at 0%.

Game Features

  • Exploration, Item Management, Puzzles, and Combat is the primary gameplay.
  • an Area Temperature system that can be affected by the players actions and in return affects the player character’s body temperature.
  • 4 Difficulty Modes (Easy, Normal, Hard, and Nightmare).
  • a Resident Evil inspired Save System that requires an item to save your game.
  • a Silent Hill inspired Map system that marks open/lock doors and presents your current objective.
  • and much, much more.

This game is in fact a Reboot to my original Frostbite game.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(31 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Shooter, Survival
Made withUnreal Engine, 3ds Max
TagsAtmospheric, Exploration, First-Person, FPS, Horror, Mystery, Story Rich, Survival Horror
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, Configurable controls


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I have issues with crashes. My specs are fine so idk.

As a person who played through RE-7 all the way through to Madhouse difficulty, and watched the thing, i can say, that this game is absolutely AMAZING while the graphics aren't necessarily ray tracing level, they still look nice, and appealing, the controls are nice, if a tiny bit difficult at times, though as a whole this game is truly great 9.5/10

This is so well made for a free offering, really feels like a commerically released title. I just uploaded part 1 with a part 2 coming real soon! 

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happy you liked the game

I really liked playing this game. Nice story and also gameplay. 

Here is my video :)

Happy you like the game

My game keeps crashing but i dont know why

Not sure why ether, it might be your PC specs don't hit the correct requirements to properly run the game.

thank you also o you have any tips on making a game like the best software and skills


Sorry for the very late reply, I just only now found out now you posted this message. Honestly, not sure what tips to give other, you always need to take peoples opinion, your not gonna please everyone and you need to be open to always improving your skills when developing games.


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Very solid effort :) you did a good job setting up the atmosphere, I enjoyed it.

Thank you

I wish I had time to get into game development, I'm really wanting a sandbox game with a wintery/woods atmosphere that literally is just exploration. The closest I found was the long dark, but honestly I sometimes just want to use a game like that to relax.. 

I doubt that makes much sense to most people :) but I have a busy life, sometimes I don't want objectives lol

What engine did you use for this?

Unreal 4 Engine

I really want to commend you for making the cabinets/storage realistic. They're filled with clutter that won't help me, and the useful items are mixed in, as if I was actually searching an unfamiliar location. It definitely made it feel like a real environment.

Thank You, can't say if my next game will let you open every cabinet, but hopefully I can give the place a good amount of detail to make it look the place was lived in.

Really really really good job.  Great writing, good pacing, a little too easy on normal difficulty, will try hardcore later - the only issue I had was heating. Health was plentiful, so was ammo. The puzzles made sense and were not overly nonsensical as RE7 sometimes did (the only 2 things that stood out were the 2 lockboxes with shapes - kind of out of place that they would use those).

The idea that the enemies see you less the colder you are would be nifty but it kind of loses meaning since you cannot skip any of the enemies - you have to kill each one to get to the items. It's a nice story touch still.

Oh. And you can't drink the whiskey. It'd be much better if you could drink the whiskey. For warmth. Cause The Thing :D

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The GF and i had a great time playing this game we are halfway through so more to come thank you love the concept


love the game

Just downloaded the game, can't get the mouse to work to look left, right, up or down??? Suggestions?

Very strange, maybe check the options menu and the control settings.

First thing I did, am pretty tech savvy, build my own gaming rigs. Running a asus sabertooth r3.0 with, amd fx 9590, two asus rx-290x video cards in crossfire, memory at 16 gigs, so the hardware should be fine. Checked settings, rechecked settings, mouse works until you start the game, then it doesn't. Just the arrow keys, which slows down gameplay, at time is of essence in this game.

Also, running a logitech g502 without any settings on it.

Mmm.... I guess there is something in ether my game or in your PC that doesn't communicate well with each other. Sorry, but I honestly don't have a solution to this problem. 


Before I was able playing this game I had problem to launch the game (crashes because my PC is potato) so to optimize the game you just need to open properties of the game then click compability... then set the games to 640x480 resolution. The game will run smoothly on your potato PC. :D

I will be featuring a lets play of this on YouTube, just recorded my first attempt,  froze to death then died at Lab A lol. good game from what i have seen so far.

im stuck on how i can crack the code of Eye Chart combination

Look closely at the Eye Chart (trigger the code access), as for the code... ROWS 1, 3, and 5.... on the side of the chart you see the row numbers. CENTER is similar to Middle.... The middle symbol in rows 1, 3, and 5 is the code.

HMM... ok thank you very much! :D

This cool game reminds me of The Thing 2011 or the 1980s version.

John Carpenter's "The Thing" is my fav Horror movie, you did a great job, wonderful game :)

Thanks, glad you enjoyed my game :)

You already know I had to come back with another episode of this one! Absolutely loved this game. I will say, I feel like the ending could have been a little bit better. Instead of fading to black and reading what happened I would have loved to get back into the garage and get in the snow cat! But overall great game! Keep it up! :) 

This version of Frostbite is so much better than the original! Better graphics, better gameplay and amazing new mechanics! I did run into a few bugs, after climbing the latter in the garage I got stuck on top of it. Also after reloading the game it froze and I couldn't get out of the loading screen! Other than that this game is a masterpiece and can't wait to play more of it!

Not able to download game on Itch app

Me either, quick google search found it though.

Great game, enjoyed it very much.


A fantastic re-imagining of your original concept, really love the new additions! The feel of the whole game is great, always that sense of lingering dread topped with the stress of maintaining your body heat and health!

Cracking work, honestly can't wait to see more great things from you! =)

back in the snow looking for a way to get outta there! i am so confused but i love it! knowing my luck, i will be trapped there forever haha! awesome game no doubt about it!

Really enjoyed this game lots of work been put into it. Kept dying in this game but got the hang of it in the end.

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Nice work!

Very impressed with the all the changes made since the first iteration. Super tense when you begin to run out of health/ heat drinks and have to hurry things up too.

Thanks for the mention too :)

Thanks, really looking forward to seeing your Lets Play of it :)

Nice job Alex! I like how much is improved over the first game, I can't wait to finish it!! I run into a small issue, I reached the door with the num pad and after I pressed esc I couldn't move or type anything so I quit the game then reload but the num pad graphic was still there. I closed the game and everything was normal when I launched it again, but I didn't reached the num pad area yet.

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Oh did you mean you press the Esc Key to leave the Keypad door instead of pressing the X button under the the Keypad? Never thought that people would press the Esc key to leave the Keypad.

Anyway I just check my game and I see what your talking about it. and I done a quick fix on this problem.

Oh yeah, you're right! I just didn't remeber what I did as I even opened the debug menu to figure out how to get out of there, but I'm glad it's been fixed!

So happy to get back into this dark and cold creation of yours! While I have no clue how far I made it in these first thirty minutes, I will be doing a full series on it! I assume you can only save if you have a reel in your inventory? So far all the changes are big improvements from the first, the graphics are a lot cleaner, the area is bigger and one hell of a lot more oppressive, the monster is right there from the start and it seems lie you took a few hints from Resident Evil 7 or other games int he same vein. Really looking forward to diving even deeper and freezing my ass off