Happy Birthday to FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate

On 11/19/17 I released my game FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate to websites like GameJolt and Itch.io. Now it has been a full year sense it's release and I must say that there has been an interesting, but very stressful experience.

So far, the biggest stress has been trying to gain some attention of my game across the web with little to no effect. For months I have tried to contact many high-profile YouTubers about my game and I have not gotten response from them, or any of them playing the game. While I fully understand that these YouTubers are very busy, and I know I’m not the only developer who’s made a game that got little to no attention, it still doesn’t change the fact that as a new developer who dreams of having a career in developing games. It is both extremely frustrating and stressful to feel like your hard work is being completely ignored by people who can help get you the attention you need to get a decent foot in the game industry.

Despite this, I still can’t deny that there have been some good that came out of this first year of my game. Ever scene I released my game onto Steam, it does appear that my game has been getting allot more attention than it ever did on GameJolt and Itch.io. And while my game has been ignored by the high-profile Youtubers, there are allot of small YouTubers that’s been giving my game a play and I’m very grateful they gave my game a shot. Lastly, despite its flaws, the amount of positive feedback that my game has been getting and it greatly shows that while I still have a lot to learn/improve upon, it is clear I’m on the right track on become a great Game Developer.

Anyway, let me say thank you to all those who gave my game a shot and shared their thoughts on it. Both the positive and negative opinions have been very much appreciated and I hope you all look forward to my next game.

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