FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate | Version 2.0

Well I’m planning to begin work on my next game project, but before I get into some serous work, it is best that I try and fix a couple of bugs and glitches to my Frostbite game.

Version 2.0 contains

  • Looking at your Map and examine Documents will disable the Temperature system, giving you all the time you want to read the games story.
  • An extra Audio Reel on Normal Difficulty
  • Menus will automatically close when the player gets attacked by an enemy.
  • How to info text under the inventory, map, and examining items is a bit brighter to see.
  • Post Possessing and View Distance Level settings are now removed and giving a fix setting. (editing these settings can cause the game to be to difficult to see)
  • Change the lockpicks to mention Padlocks instead of simple Locks.
  • Fixed bugs and glitches with open menus and inventory when leaving the game to the menu and head back into the game.
  • New design for the Pause screen.

Of course I’ve only am able to test my game on my own PC, so please report any issues that you notice with my game when you play it on your PC.


FrostbiteDeadlyClimate - 482 MB
Aug 26, 2018

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Good job dev :P


yey new version, gonna try it on my potatoe PC...