Spiritual Successor to FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate in Devolopment

Say hello to what might be the Research Base for the upcoming Spiritual Successor to FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate.

(this base is about 6 times the size as the base in Frostbite) 

First, excuse my bad grammar/spelling.

Ever since the Steam release of FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate, Thing has been very rocky. From trying and failing to promote my game to some big YT names, to find a job in the industry, to planning and developing my next game. It has been crazy and stressful, and I won't go into the details, but going through these struggles is what lead me to this project.

So simply put my current plans is developing a Spiritual Successor to FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate I still have a lot of work in planning and developing the game, so a lot of things are subject to change, but currently my plans is to release this game on not only PC for a very cheap price, but also for Mobile devices for Free w/ Ads.

The game is still a Survival-Horror FPS, but some aspects of the gameplay are quite different from the original game.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have about my current project.

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Nice! I really enjoyed the first one, looking forward to more details. :)