Possible plans and what I'm currently going through.

Well it’s been a few weeks sense I graduated form College on Game Development and I’m diffidently going through a lot of things about what to do next.

Currently right I am trying to notify YouTubers about my FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate game, in hopes to get my game some added attention. I think the added attention would help give a nice boost in me forming my career in being a game creator, especially making me more attracted to those looking to hire people for work. Sadly I’m not getting so much luck at the moment.

Another thing I’m looking into is the possibility of putting FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate onto Steam, there are diffidently a couple of factors that I’m going over about weather or not I should this.

Lastly there are my plans on working on my next game, I’m running through some ideas, but honestly I don’t want to get right into making my next game until I have a firm idea what my game is gonna be. Plus there are new problems I have to face with beginning a new game project that I won’t get into.

So in conclusion, I’m going though a little ruff patch right now, but hopefully something will happen very soon that help begin my next steps as a game creator. If you guys have any thoughts, or what not, feel free to comment on this post.

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