Just fix/edited the Credits and ditch the Splash Screen

So I'm going through my thoughts on my next game and possibly preparing to release this game onto Steam. As I thought about it, I did recall about there was some areas in my games Credits I needed to fix and edit, so sense it was a very quick fix, I decided to take care of it right away so I don't end up overlooking it if I need to do another update. Also thought of ditching the games Splash Screen, it is kind of pointless sense my name is above the games title. Anyway I doubt any of this would effect the game, but if you notice an issue be sure to let me know.


FrostbiteDeadlyClimate_v1.9.1.zip 480 MB
Jun 15, 2018
FrostbiteDeadlyClimate_v1.9.1 (32-bit).zip 457 MB
Jun 15, 2018

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