What I have plan for FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate first big Update

While I’ve been taking the past few days to relax and give myself a break from game development (had worked on this game for 4-6 months straight) I do know I still need to pop in and tweak and fix any issues I may have overlooked, so while the first major update is not out yet, I do want to at least share with you all on what I’m looking into to tweak in fix.

SPELLING FIXES - I’m having some one who considers herself a true Grammar Nazi look over all the documents in the game.

CROSS-HAIR SPREAD - People tend to overlook that as your Body Temp decreases your accuracy with weapons decrease as well, so even if you have the cross-hairs directly over the enemies head, it is not a guaranteed hit if your body temp is low, plus I should have mention this, but Moving and Sprinting also effects accuracy as well. So to help this issue, I have created a cross-hair that will spread apart as your Body Temp decreases and when you are moving or sprinting in the game.

LADDERS - biggest issue with the ladders is that you need to look directly at the Ladders in order to climb them, of course most people don’t think that so its not surprising most people look up the ladder thinking that is how they’ll climb up it, but that is not the case. So looking into a solution to this problem or give a clue to the player that they need to look at the ladder in order to climb it.

STAMINA - I am debating on this one, but might be giving players more Stamina in the game. Still need to balance it so it can’t be abused and needs to still fit the issues with it being effected by your body temp.

Lastly, while I have completely programmed this game, I think it’s time I should save me some trouble and instead use Cyber Monday sale to buy an Asset for my game, and that asset is Advance Game Setting. I strongly believe in acceptability for players. So with the help of the asset pack I bought, I’m gonna try and give players a few more added Settings options in the game, such as fixing the Post Possessing settings, and allowing players to rebind the keys to the game.

I can’t guarantee all these Tweaks and Fixes will be done or added in the first Update, but I wanted to let you know that this is what I’m looking into and if you guys have any suggestions, feel free to comment on this post.

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