FROSTBITE Deadly Climate - v1.2 - Now Available.

Okay so made a few solid fixes to the game, be sure to report any serous problem you might come across in this updated version. Anyway, v1.2 contains these fixes.

  • Grammar and Spelling fixes on the games Documents.
  • Cross-hair Spread, as you move and/or lose body temp the cross hairs will spread apart to help indicate that your accuracy is decreasing.
  • Brightness and Gamma options added to the game settings.
  • Remove the option for Low/Med Post Processing (until I find a solution to prevent the lighting issues when lowering the Post Processing).
  • Added a Yellow label on one of the railing in each ladder that says "Always face the ladder when climbing it" to help give hint to the players that they gotta face the ladder in order to climb it.
  • improve Stamina drain and regain.


FROSTBITE Deadly Climate - 355 MB
Nov 28, 2017

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