Hope your all not getting Frostbite.. on this cold Christmas Night

Well Christmas is only an half-hour away from coming to an end, but before that happens I just feel like wishing all those who have enjoyed and supported my Frostbite games a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Now I should mention that as of right now I do not have any plans for new Game Projects or any plans for making some Updates/Patches to Frostbite: Deadly Climate. Reason for this of course is I’m taking a break from game development during the Holidays, but also after New Years, I’ll have 1/4 of a year left of college before I graduate, so don’t know how busy with my final classes.

Lastly, while Frostbite: Deadly Climate is getting some solid attention, I would like to see that attention grow a bit more and be able to see more feedback to help me look into what I should Update/Patch. Hopefully, it won’t be long to see more and more people play my game.

Anyway, I think that is much I have to say for now, again thank you all to those that enjoyed and supported my game, and I hope you had a great Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year.

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I'm just curios: have you ever made some exeperiment with a 3rd person fixed/semifixed camera angles sistem in your game ?.

For semifixed camera angles I'm referring to cinematic cameras like in Resident Evil 4 Beta (aka Resident Evil 3.5).

Thanks for the attention and your work!

I haven't  experiment with fixed camera angles. I have thought about it a few times, but honestly, I just prefer First-Person over 3rd-Person and Fix Camera angles when it comes to horror games.