HAPPY NEW YEAR... and here is Version 1.4 of FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate.

Well it’s New Years Eve and what better way to spend the last day of 2017, then being in a panic while you try and fix a mistake you made with your previous version of your game. LOL

See in the last update (v1.3) I mention the biggest fix was the Ladders in the game. However, I realized I overlooked something during my testing of v1.3. While now you can climb the ladders while looking up, any head movements could cause the player to let go of the ladder and fall. This isn’t good sense it’s natural for us to look up and then look straight as your reaching the top of the ladder. So discovering this issue I really looked into this issue and after some programming and testing, I can now say that this issue is gone and finally Ladders should no longer be an issue for the players.

Again be sure to report any issues you may discover in Version 1.4 so I can look into it and fix.


FROSTBITE Deadly Climate - v1.4.zip 388 MB
Dec 31, 2017

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