Still working on Version 1.5 of FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate

In case anyone is wondering I’m still working long and hard on Version 1.5 of FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate, there is some many addition, improvements, and fixes that its taking me a while. Another reason its taking so long is that I’m using this game as one of my Portfolio pieces and in my class I’m required to make updates and fixes to a few portfolio pieces each week, so not surprising that I’m using each week of this class towards this game. So yeah, I can’t promise when I will finally finish v1.5, but hopefully you won’t be waiting long for much longer.

Lastly, I think I should mention this, while I’ve been trying to not give away allot of info on what I’m doing with v1.5 (because I want allot of it to be a surprise), I want you guys to not get your expectations wrong. While this is gonna be a big update, this is not meaning that I’m expanding the game. As in don’t expect new levels, new story objectives, etc. This update is more towards on improving the main game. Of course there is always a possibility that I can make an addition or two to my game, but again not making any promises.

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