What you'll be expecting of v1.5 of FROSTBITE:Deadly Climate.

I’m getting close to finishing up v1.5 of FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate, but I still have a few remaining fixes and additions, along with having to make numerous tests to make sure everything is running properly, before I can call v1.5 done. Until then here is a list of things that I already have done in v1.5.

  • New changes and tweaks to the games difficulties modes along with a new Nightmare difficulty mode.
  • New Settings menu, complete with many new Graphical/Audio options along with the ability to fully remap the keyboard layout.
  • Additional detail to the game levels, such as frost on objects and snow seeping through doors.
  • Bullets that are near a bullet you picked-up will automatically be picked up as well.
  • Doors will automatically unlock if you have the key in your inventory.
  • Changes to some Enemies along with more improved Enemy AI.
  • Completely redesign Menus and User Interface (w/ flashing indicators).
  • Combination/Codes locks now require you to see the clues to properly unlock the stuff.
  • Removed the toggle Flashlight and show Objective buttons.
  • Loading Screen now presents Tips.
  • Improved Sprint/stamina consumption system.
  • Added a Quick-Turn function.
  • New Map icons/markers, along with the Objective being shown on the Map Screen.
  • Loading your game will now load what weapon you had equipped, what Doors you left open, and where an Enemy is located at the time of saving.
  • Improved Cycle through weapons function (No mistaken un-equipping and cycle weapons go through a pacific order.)

Again still have a few remaining additions, fixes, and testing to do, but as always I really hope all this hard is will pay off in the end and do hope you all look forward to v1.5.

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