FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate version 1.5 is finally available!!

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s time to bite the bullet again and put my game out to the world for people to play. Honesty, there are still some areas of my game that I wish I could tweak/polish up, but then again I am still just one man who is still learning his ways around the Unreal 4 Engine and game development, that I shouldn’t over due myself. Plus, so for any flaws or issues I might have come across don’t appear to be game breaking so I shouldn’t worry too much about especially when I have done so much to this newest version already. Plus I’m actually a few weeks away from graduating from my college that I should put my work on the game to rest and put my time to finish up college and even give myself a bit of a vacation afterwards. Of course I may come back to possibly do more updates to Frostbite: Deadly Climate, but I think as of now what I have done is the best I could possibly do at this time and I should accept it and hope that it has payed off.

Hope you all enjoy Version 1.5 of FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate.

Version 1.5 contains….
• New changes and tweaks to the games difficulties modes along with a new Nightmare difficulty mode.
• New Settings menu, complete with many new Graphical/Audio options along with the ability to fully remap the keyboard layout.
• Additional detail to the game levels, such as frost on objects and snow seeping through doors.
• Bullets that are near a bullet you picked-up will automatically be picked up as well.
• Doors will automatically unlock if you have the key in your inventory.
• Changes to some Enemies along with more improved Enemy AI.
• Completely redesign Menus and User Interface (w/ flashing indicators).
• Combination/Codes locks now require you to see the clues to properly unlock the stuff.
• Removed the toggle Flashlight and show Objective buttons.
• Loading Screen now presents Tips
• Improved Sprint/stamina consumption system.
• Added a Quick-Turn function.
• New Map icons/markers, along with the Objective being shown on the Map Screen.
• Loading your game will now load what weapon you had equipped, what Doors you left open, and where an Enemy is located at the time of saving.
• Improved Cycle through weapons function (No mistaken un-equipping and cycle weapons go through a pacific order.)
• Items are a bit scarcer and some have been rearranged.
• Doors that don’t affect Area Temperature, such as Lockers, Wardrobes, Cabinets, Bathroom Stalls, etc. will automatically close when you’re no long near it or you’re examining something else.
• Smoother and improve Item Highlight system.
• Improved Enemy ragdoll.
• Sound Changes and added music.
• Game Result screen.
and possibly more that I can’t recall.

As for issues that I’ve notice that I’m unable to fix at this current time. When you start the game for the first time some Settings options don’t properly show, but this is fixed by simply hitting the reset button. The enemy AI while improved still is spotty in areas and some times an Enemy can be pushed upward when certain collisions are met. One Enemy’s rag-doll is a bit goofy, and possibly other small issues. Again so far none of these are game breaking, but there something you’ll probably notice when playing the game.

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Apr 03, 2018

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