FROSTBITE Deadly Climate - v1.6 - Now Available

As massive as Version 1.5 was, there where of course a few small bugs that slipped through the cracks and some that I couldn’t find a fix at the time. Luckily I have found a fix to a couple of the bugs in the game and I’m happy to present these fixes through Version 1.6.

  • Improve the How To Play page so all the info is on one screen.
  • The odd collision issue with the melee attack causing the enemies to shoot upwards has been fixed.
  • Some fixes done when players go from Game -to- Main Menu -to- Game again.
  • Fixed a possible stuck issue when climbing one of the ladders in a pacific way.
  • Improved the Ragdoll on an enemy (though there still might have some issues.)

Files 480 MB
May 02, 2018

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