a real NIGHTMARE MODE for FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate.

So yeah... I wasn't sure whether to call this an update, call it version 1.7, etc. because this only effects a mode that probably not allot of people play and of course it hasn't been a full day since I released version 1.6, but this idea just popped in my head and it was an easy addition to implement into one of the game modes that I just felt I should do it right away, so I guess you can call this version 1.6.1

Simply to make Nightmare Mode (the hardest difficulty) truly a Nightmare Mode, I had made the items in that mode much more scarce. For example way less ammo for weapons especially the more powerful ones and items such as the health drinks are almost completely gone in the game. So if you felt Nightmare Mode wasn't much of a challenge, hopefully now it is thanks to this simple change.


FrostbiteDeadlyClimate_v1.6.1.zip 480 MB
May 03, 2018

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